The company

The products of the Contini Company are the result of the experience of a family with a solid tradition in the making of fresh Sardinian pastas for the preparation of dishes for special occasions. These pastas are delicate and require long, skilful preparation: ravioli, malloreddos and seadas, all natural as made by the Contini Company and as the Sardinian tradition demands. For this reason the Contini Company uses a natural system even for conserving them: the cold.

By freezing them as soon as they are ready, they keep their quality and fragrance intact and are ready for cooking at any moment. This is what goes into our classic Ravioli: ricotta and spinach, ricotta and saffron, rich cheese ravioli, ricotta and ceps, ricotta and artichokes or ricotta and aubergines, as well as malloreddos and the delicious seadas. But there is also a place for very simple potato ravioli and new, tasty ideas, like ricotta and salmon ravioli.

Thanks to the quality of the ingredients, the care that goes into their preparation, but also the practical packaging and immediate freezing, Contini products are a delicious alternative to the usual dishes. Elaborate or simple dishes, tasty and natural, which in just a few minutes bring to your home the flavour of Sardinia'‘s feasts.